Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A World of So Much

So much hate in the world
So needless
So much misunderstanding
So little patience to understand

So much human potential to learn
So much potential for empathy
So much in common, so much variety
So much pride in culture, and customs

So little tolerance of differences
So much need for understanding each other
So much potential for peace
So much waste of life and sadness

So much greed, so much poverty
So much inequality and imbalance
So much ignorance, so much it harms
So evolved we are, so unevolved as well

So much hope
So much communication needed
So much empathy and good will required
So much happiness can fill the voids of peace


Anonymous said...

so much you have said in this poem. GREAT. Happiness we all need as a whole. :}

Charles Cheeseman said...

It's what makes life worthwhile, it's too bad there are so many who purposely take the possibility of it away. Thanks for your comment inky.