Friday, May 29, 2009

Judith Durham and the Seekers

Astonishingly cute with an angelic voice, Judith Durham was destined to be a star. The voice behind the sixty's hits "A World of Our Own", "I'll Never Find Another You", "Georgy Girl" and others, Durham still reaches the vocal octaves demanded by the hits that made her famous.

The Seekers were an Australian super group that formed in 1962 and disbanded in 1968, but reunited in the '90 - 2005 for tours and special performances, including the 2000 Special Olympics. Two of the previously mentioned hits were composed by Tom Springfield, brother of British 60's sensation Dusty Springfield. The Seekers composed songs with catchy riffs, but Judith Durham's voice shines through. The following is a series of of Seekers' live performances. Enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

WOW I loved this group and the songs, I remember singing them over and over as a child. YOu are right about Judith's voice, angelic and shinning through. Loved it ty for posting it