Friday, May 08, 2009

A Way to Improve Health Wait Times, etc.

Improve our own health habits!

There are many preventative health measures we can take to avoid visits to the hospital, and ease the demand on the health care system. Exercising, be it walking, which is excellent, other cardio, and/or increasing omega3 fatty acid oils (from salmon/seal or other fish oils), or decreasing harmful fat intakes. Even if our rich society promotes the idea that there is less wealth circulating to provide adequate health care, we need to just avoid personal health problems anyway.

So, let's take a typical summer's barbecue. It's a common habit, a typical summer tradition. Well, consider, you are eating more portions of red meat, more artificial bbq sauce, and possibly more fries, or even "skin-on" chicken. It may sound good, but it is speeding up your own death clock. Look, the food, and bbq-related industries will keep advertising their products to be associated with fun, happy and traditional times. It is to their benefit for Certain!! They will be making big bucks whether you live or die. Your clogged arteries is their success. But, you should think about whose interests they are looking after. Think about your own first. Keep away from health-causing fats, and protect yourself first. It's cool when you are the winner in the end.

Life does not have to be the same every day. You can improve the ol' diet, increase your own years to live, while increasing your own bank accounts!

Your own health determines what the good life is for you, not how some food company portends it to be.

It's interesting to note that a few generations ago, while people fished the most nutritious foods, and grew their own veges, they also exercised at the same time, which helped keep harmful fats in check, and reduce heart problems. Today, exercise is much more artificial and unnaturally incorporated into the daily life routine.

Makes you wonder if it has been a forward or a backward evolution increment.
Take charge of your own health, your life and future!!

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