Thursday, May 28, 2009

Moose in Custody

Two calves, and a large brown, chocolate moose, were checking out the neighborhood of an east end street Thursday afternoon. After a casual stroll up East Meadows they stopped for a break in a resident's yard.
A few dozen onlookers took some pictures, and waited an officer to fire a tranquilizer at the mom, the moose mom that is. It was then lifted into the bed of a pickup.

While they did not cause a disturbance, police and wildlife officials were soon on the scene. The mother looked very tired, patient, and curious as to what all the commotion was about.

This young calf was taken into juvenile custody, and will hopefully not re offend again.


Anonymous said...

this post made me laugh. Your wording was funny.
This young calf was taken into juvenile custody, and hopefully not reoffend again.
I know people that moose hunt and can never see a sign of one. I guess all we have to do now you think is to sit at home and hope they come by for a spell. lol

NPC said...

Good story. The little one looked so cute in window. You should sent that one in to the CBC.


Charles Cheeseman said...

It was a funny thing to see - was lucky to get there on time with camera in hand.

BNB said...

Great picture Charlie - you should definitely send these around. I saw the mother downtown buying a case of moosehead, and here's those poor youngsters without a stitch to wear.

Charles Cheeseman said...

Tnx bnb!