Saturday, June 14, 2008

Stunning Loss! Tim Russert Dies

Tim Russert hosted a political show on NBC called "Meet the Press" for 17 years. Not being a regular viewer, I was still shocked and sad to read the headlines that he suddenly died. Two things immediately struck me about his death - one, it reminds you that sudden death can happen, so you have to take care of yourself; two, without knowing the man, only via a tv familiarity with his persona, he struck me as a decent, fair, passionate political fan and follower, who was objective and anything but malicious. That's the impression I felt after watching him, and for that reason, he got my respect. He also looked healthy, and young for his 58 years. His passing is a shock and sad. The media world who knew him are already feeling the void. He apparently collapsed at the anchor desk, possibly from a heart attack.

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