Thursday, June 05, 2008

Cleary Harbours Grace

Congratulations to Riverhead, Harbour Grace son Dan Cleary on being the first person from Newfoundland & Labrador to win the Stanley Cup. I'll bet that 1000s of people in the province started watching hockey again lately, who haven't watched it for years. It was a tense finish last night, right to the very last second, as Pittsburgh slid the puck across the crease to nearly repeat a last minute tie like two nights before.

Cleary has worked hard in the past three years to be a solid forward contributor for the team. He scored two goals and an assist in the playoffs, and was a reliable teammate throughout the series. He thanked his town and family in the post game interviews, and like all the players these days, had family on hand, on ice to celebrate. There has to be incredible pride in Harbour Grace and Riverhead today. He will no doubt inspire not just other young athletes, but anyone to dream big and strive to be the best they can in whatever they do.

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