Tuesday, June 03, 2008

An Historic Political First in the U.S.

Tonight Barack Obama will become the first African-American Democratic nominee for President of the U.S. At the present moment he is about seven delegates short of the new target of 2118. Today, more superdelegates pledged their support for him, and later this evening, former President Jimmy Carter will do likewise. That was expected - all of Carter's children and grandchildren are Obama supporters. Hillary Clinton earlier stated that until Obama gets the actual number of delegates required, she is not conceding defeat. However, it's only a matter of hours now till the last two primaries are closed in Montana and South Dakota. They are expected to win one state each, but it's too little too late for Hillary.

It's been a fascinating race. Hillary Clinton was the presumed nominee before the U.S. primary season began, but Obama's campaign was super organized and he came from behind to lead in overall support. She showed incredible tenacity in the final months and weeks of this battle. Never give up is a motto she clearly believes in, and is an inspiring motto anytime for anyone.

Will she want the Vice President job? Quite possibly. From this blog's point of view, she is craving a challenging position of power and though the wounds of losing the race will smart for some time, the sting can perhaps be treated with a consolation prize of VP. She would be a very valuable asset for Obama's general election campaign, as she fills in his void of support, i.e., the older white vote, non-college educated voters, and more women. Whether she will offer herself, or if Obama will choose her, is the next bit of drama that will materialize over the weeks ahead.

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