Friday, June 27, 2008

A Sampling of SPAM


chester nghi

charlesc you look really stupid
Lucrecia SevedgeMaking her want you bad

Candra Reppell
Love package of low price
Leonardo SiupingTry and life up to them, it seems that you will seem spent all seems for nothing
Haleigh GiridharEarn a University Degree based on your professional experience
update@update.firstbanks.comWarning : Your online banking account could be suspended
Shayna LuhnowI do not want to buy their shops unknown in the stores?
GingerDo not refuse plesure
hieronymus darrowI-t hapepne'd as predic ted
dory hoYou look really stupid here charlesc
AthenaMan's stuff store
godart ritShould have meds without any prescription in the Canadian Drug store
Sophie B.Hello! I am bored this afternoon. I am a nice girl
bobbie chin-wAwake the stud in yourself
Meghann BenischekI do not want to buy unknown them in stores?
forester han-gyooNever be ripped off by a doctor again
Damme Solidbarrettes honeybee
Had to read the content of the last one. And it just makes plain sense, if you interpret it any other way, then pleaze me know let. Here it is:

"Themselves are attempting to push into the british in other things, how grossly your majesty has curate of the church of borthwick, requiring him cried, you were seen, and that's why the man stopped there were lines under his eyes. As far as i can cried butzow. Maenck was the first to proclaim which splendidly illustrates the ultimate unit of lisbeth's, for her reliance, in her smallest."


Anonymous said...

What does SPAM stand for?
(Just a guess: Shit Perpetrated Against Many ...?...)

Charles Cheeseman said...

That's good!
Could be, "Sales pitches annoy me".