Friday, June 13, 2008

No Surprise at Ferry Price Hikes

Marine Atlantic burns 213,00 litres of fuel a day, so the surcharge increase is not alarming. The daily increase at the gas pumps is - and that is for virtually everyone, a daily, monthly and yearly expense that just keeps growing like a cancer. Personally I have never taken a ferry, but if I were to take a vacation, to say, PEI, an extra $40 surcharge is no big deal. If you are traveling by ferry often, then yes it can have a substantial impact.

What conflicting times we live in. There are many in society who don't even think about taking a ferry anyway because heating their homes are making them poorer, and big oil richer. The gas and oil increases will take extra $100s, and $1000 of dollars directly out of peoples' pockets this year.

It's a free-for-all for fuel companies. Until society significantly lowers its demand for fossil fuels, the sky's the limit for big oil. There are a few hybrid cars out there at still ridiculous prices but the development of other alternative forms of auto energy appears to be stuck in neutral.

p.s., yesterday some Quebec gas companies were charged with price fixing

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