Thursday, May 08, 2008


Due to relentless fog and freezing temperatures the Confederation building and Capital had to be moved to Marystown. The House of Assembly remained in session, though all MHAs had to wear hip rubbers along the way. The Government party was jubilant and celebrated Premier Williams' decision to move the Capital. The Opposition tried to float a bill to stop the resettlement, but were met with jeers and booze. Undaunted, they attacked PC MHA's for toeing the government line. A squid fight ensued, and one baked squid was thrown at the opposition. Premier Williams shouted, "Try this, some 'heated de bait'! Haha." Some members stormed out, saying it was getting too rough in the House.


NPC said...

I didn't think the old 6 acadia engine could tow a building that size. Very impressive!

Anonymous said...

Heated de bait? There'a term for such a fight where each side throws a squid at each other.. It's squid pro quo.

Charles Cheeseman said...

.. 6 acadia, hilarious!
Yes, and don't say she wasn't goin'!

Liked your squid pro quo Bernie. I almost used it, was very tentaclizing.