Saturday, May 31, 2008

Julie Couillard: No Angel, Just Plain Human

The mistake of now former Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier, of leaving confidential government documents at his former girlfriend's home, is an unwanted type of publicity for him, but is possibly both positive and negative for Bernier's ex, Julie Couillard.

Her past is described here as being shadowy. She's had relationships with members of the Hell's Angels, two of them are now dead. She had been questioned by police in previous criminal activity, and was convicted on drug possession another time. She claimed to work at real estate when the company she mentioned said she did not work for them. She has also claimed to be an aspiring actress. This part, fits in with any publicity she has been, and is getting. An attractive woman who wants to live high and be seen with men of wealth, or public figures, would see this as an advertisement for promoting herself as well.

In fact this could be a lucrative time for her, being interviewed by various media can earn you the price you name. It also is a predictable book and/or movie in the making. Ms. Couillard started from humble beginnings, and has struggled in life, but was trying to move beyond her tainted image. She said Bernier used her to boost his own public image (as weird as that may be). True or not, I think it could have went both ways. She has had a hard life in many ways it appears, but part of the reason why is that she sought fame and fortune, but tried to get it the wrong ways. One could think, human impatience, insecurity, weakness, or it could be just bad decisions or bad luck. In any case, with all this publicity now, she may get her riches the old-fashioned and legal way, through book deals and interviews.

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