Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Holy Redeemer! Is that Danny Williams in the Iceberg?

This mysterious iceberg miraculously appeared in Flatrock over the weekend. People were amazed to see a familiar face in it only 100's of feet from the Grotto. The appearance of this berg coincided with some long-awaited sunshine, and brought a sense of hope and joy with it. Some say it's a sign of a higher power.(click for larger view)

At one point when the sun began to hide behind a cloud, you could almost see the man in the ice frowning on the potential overcast. It may have been the lighting and shadows, but he was having none of that.(click for larger view)

It was indeed a rare and unusual spectacle to behold as hundreds of lucky sightseers were in their glory looking upon the divine sight. It reminded many of the famous Virgin Mary iceberg that made an appearance in the Narrows of St. John's in 1905. God only knows where such heavenly sights will make their next premier.


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Anonymous said...

Virgin Mary? All I see is a rubber with a reservoir tip.

Anonymous said...

OH my God , is this for real. I mean really. God does work in mysterious ways. I have to share this one too ha ha