Sunday, May 11, 2008

3 Mom's Stories: 1 Good, 1 Not Good, 1 Very Sad

Brenda Martin is Free and Reunited with her Mother

Brenda Martin, the Canadian who was imprisoned for two years in a Mexican jail, was freed Friday. What a mother's day gift! Could there be a better gift for a mom than to have her own child (a 50+ woman) back in her arms? Good timing, and it's good to hear a positive story out of the near wasteland of sad, bad media stories.

Martin was held by Mexican authorities on fraud charges, which she vehemently denies, saying there is no actual evidence of her involvement. She was sent to a Canadian prison over a week ago, and now, paroled. For a while in media reports, it sounded like, as she looked, a desperate situation - one which would leave Martin on the brink of her sanity. But after a bleak guilty sentencing, and expected additional jail time, Martin has been swiftly released into the normal world that she was blinded from for two years. Her ordeal was so dismal that now it seems we've witnessed a person's resurrection, and a new life again. It's safe to bet that it probably made her mom's day.
Hillary Clington Could Use a Mother's Prayer Right About Now

With superdelegates slipping over to Obama (he is tied in superdelegates), Hillary, the formerly presumed, second Clinton Presidential incarnation, must be thinking that what really matters is family. She should, because it isn't going to be the Democratic nomination that will matter more. On the contrary, it is becoming less realistic with each passing day, as Obama has gotten bandaged up from his campaign-busting bruises, received from the slum landlord asociations, and connections with the Wright-winged Reverend who meant right but sounded wrong.

Only a small miracle can bring Clinton from the barely radar-perceptible second position, to catch, then pass Obama in what would have to be a photo-finish by that time. He can start to coast now, as superdelegates are beginning to pledge allegiance to his campaign, while former Hillary supporters are doing likewise. The small miracle that could help Hillary would have to be a huge piece of bad press surfacing about something connected to Obama, or a brilliant, Clinton idea on perhaps economic policy, foreign policy, or health care. You never know, but she's been attacking at many opportune times, and he has risen from the bruises. He is cool and sportmanlike in his confidence now - "I don't mind Hillary continuing to stay in the race" - as he knows the ultimate outcome. It's ok Hillary, you were/are a successful mother, it appears, and that's a pride that last forever.
Mothers and Motherless Children of Burma

Poor Burma, the poor mothers, fathers, and mourners. There are an estimated 100,000 lives lost from Thursday's cyclone. The country's people, their homes, belongings, have been destroyed. Mother's lost children, and vice-versa. Their government shamefully interfered with international aid to suffering people, while people are scared to complain. It now is allowing aid supplies, but not international relief teams, experienced in helping people in emergency situations, when well over 1 million are clinging to life. Now that's a nightmarish, unfathomable hardship to endure. When you consider that our original birth fate was random, out of our control, then it makes you think how lucky we are to be living in a place with rights, food, access to health services, freedom, and just to be alive. The best gifts for Burma's people right now are food, water, and medicine.

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