Friday, May 16, 2008

Before very, Very long, the fog will be a blur

Even though every spring, St. John's and much of the surrounding area is an abysmal, disheartening, unrelentingly torturous, morbidly cold, wet, heart of darkness, the place and the weather has to be put into perspective. Yes, it is depressing to wake up for weeks at a time, in April and May, to temperatures of 0 - 3 degree highs, but as many say, it could be worse. All we have to do is read or watch the news for a minute. On any given day, there are human tragedies happening from natural occurrences, like the cyclone in Burma that took 15,000 lives and counting, or the earthquake in China with up to 50,000 souls wiped out, or parts of the southern States where tornados cause hell, not to mention the agony of those involved in war. One could look at our extended winters as the price we pay for peace and life. Those who suffer loss in such calamities would prefer the lives of loved ones to have continued, whatever the weather.

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