Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bad Xmas Gift Ideas II

  • "How to Become Good in Bed When You're So Pathetic & Useless"
  • "How to do Simple Everyday Things, for Dummies"
  • "'Twas the Night Before Daddy sauntered in Loaded and Ruined another Christmas"
  • "Under the Table: How to Avoid Paying Taxes on Income" by Brian Mulroney

  • Mulroney / Karlheinz Schreiber Snakes & Leaders game
  • Sponge Karlheinz Schreiber Square Pants
  • The Game of Trouble Shooting: Find the Missing DLL files for new Software
    (fun for the whole family including nan and pop)
  • The Token Corporate Community Donation Game: Who can donate more than corporate giants

  • An Eye Pod
  • The Rebuilt Commodore 64 Computer System

  • A Will Kit
  • Electric Bagpipes
  • Major League Baseball Steriod Injection Kit
  • $50 Gas Fill-up Gift Certificate (use immediately)
  • The Q-Ray Contraceptive Bracelet
  • Kelloggs Stool Softener
  • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Sings Yiddish & Chrismas Classics with Stephen Spielberg
  • Mike Tyson' Riverdance Video
  • Home pregnancy test Barbie, and School Bully Ken

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BNB said...

I have the Home Pregnacy Test Barbie. It's called "Who's your Daddy Barbie" one of my favourites :)

Charles Cheeseman said...

that one is popular.