Monday, December 03, 2007

Some Drivers Need to Learn to Drive

Every day without fail there are people running red lights, speeding, weaving, tailgating, whizzing by pedestrians waiting at crosswalks. It has been happening forever in the old capital city of St. John's, but in just this year alone, there seems to be an increase in mania on the local drag strips cross-town arterials and city streets.
There is a low unemployment rate in the city, and possibly more workers, but there does not need to be reckless driving. Yet, the risks of accidents, injuries and possibly death, to me, seems to be rising. With only 100s of metres between many of the red lights, you would think "why rush and push, be patient", but in reality it's as if WWIII has started and panic has set in. The Mario Andrettis in the city should find a more appropriate drag strip to play race car driver, or, leave for work earlier, before someone gets hurt or killed.

Careful out there folks, these are dangerous times. There's an improving economy, but there are many break-ins and serious crimes, much drug-related, and on top of that, the Christmas economy booster rockets have fired, and drivers are out in droves. To the road racers, slow down, relax, the world is not ending tomorrow, and God-speed.

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