Monday, October 17, 2011

Up for Fall

Probably the favorite time of year at this blog spot. This years autumn weather wise is easily better than the pseudo-summer we endured. At around 20 C yesterday, it was a gift from above, above being the warm, and slightly humid air. Despite not a whole lot of colorful leaves, winds earlier this fall gave many an early send off, but lots more to fall from others, there are some around, and more to come. Below are some snaps from an outing yesterday.

Rusted leaves



Anonymous said...

Hello again dear friend.. I have been out of the blogging world for a long time.. Missed it allot but not of of them .. I see you have been busy as always, love your work,. just wanted to stop over and say Hello

Charlie said...

Good to hear from you Bev. Missed seeing you around the blogiverse. I hope you've been keeping well, and stay so in the future. Drop on by anytime :). Take care!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Charles, nice to be back on your blog again.. Take care