Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stanley Cup: Boston was hot last night, but Vancouver was on fire

Stanley Cup 2011 is one to remember, largely due to Vancouver's hooligan community. They came prepared with masks, hammers and a need to destroy the city, win or lose. CTV carried it live for hours after the Stanley Cup final game, in which Boston convincingly toppled Vancouver 4-0. But while Vancouver and the area is beautiful to see and visit, they are like everywhere else, but with an apparent abundance of vandals, bullies, looters and nuicances.

In the age where tots have at least one communication gadget, a phone, a something-pod/pad, Blackberry, camera, tablet or whatever.. Photos and video can be taken with many of those things, and despite this, 100's of seemingly unconcerned rioters still broke windows, looted, burned vehicles, and openly fought in the streets. One can think of many other words to describe them.

Well, the gadgets are helping to identify rioters with photo proof, and there are many willing to share pics and vids already, on such sites as, and at least two facebook pages.


ViewPoint2010 said...

Right on Charlie! I just hope that these a-holes that did all the damage are caught, sent to jail and spend the next few years in a very small cell with a large dude by name of Bubba. On the other hand, much credit is due to the ordinary citizens who stood in front of businesses and asked the rioters to leave them alone. One video of a young woman doing that was a very important counter-message to the thugs.

Charlie said...

haha that would teach them VP!
Yes, still lots of useful people around to clean up after the thugs.
Have not been blogging much lately, life's too busy in other ways. Have a good summer VP!

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