Monday, December 19, 2011

Am not surprised at the death of N. Korea's Kim Jong, he's been il all his life.

One less heartless dictator in the world, this has been one bumper year for the demise of evil VIPs.
But Kim was not taken out with a drone attack or Navy Seals, instead his heart failed him.. It was probably due to stress. All that worry over his own people, and how he could stop the starvation (while building up nukes and a massive army), and the stress over the 200,000 political prisoners who were so unjustly locked up. This chronic worry is not good for one's heart, and in the end, their Dear and caring dictator died of a broken heart.

In fact the peoples' hearts are now broken. You should see the reaction to his death, just the same as it was for his father's. These people are sealed within the confines of this prison state, and whether most realize it or not, their suffering continued under Kim's reign. Perhaps people are too fearful to react in any other way, but to show hysteric emotion of a 69 year old mad who apparently died of natural causes. See the clip.

But what kind of puppet will Kim's successor, his son, Kim Jong-un be? The ruling party and military generals basically will run the show, and probably his actions and utterances. Let people hope, especially the suffering ones in North Korea, that the young un, will have a bit more level headedness and try to feed the starving, stop tortures, and try to mend relations with much of the world. In case any of the North Korea leadership is reading this blog, is it possible still to choose a leader with a different name? I mean, come on, this will be the 3rd Kim in a row. How about a Fred Jong il, or a Scott Jong il, or even Ross Jong il. Time to change a lot in that country.

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