Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Often, we are our own worst enemy, when it comes to ...

.. when it comes to, you name it. That's certainly a broad title alright, but in this bit of observation, I'll finish the sentence, with "health". As a societal observer, not a preacher, I admit, it is not always easy to practice what you would perhaps imagine preaching. For example, we have the power to control many health outcomes by controlling what we eat, drink, smoke, take, or do, or the reverse - what we don't..

This is an overused cliche, but lifelong learning applies to controlling self habits. It can be a slow process when we are accustomed to following the localized customs - as an example, that is - fast food + sugary drinks + lots of booze = fun & happy times. This recipe for a premature personal demise needs some personal reevaluations, if we as individuals are to continue living with good health.

It was sadly ironic in London this summer when a violent and spontaneous rebellion, against the monopolized wealth and "have" financial symbols, arose and was largely perpetrated by angry frustrated youth. One of their targets was a high tech company which made Ipods.. something that many people including youths for sure, choose not to be without. Hmm, so if they were so content to support a rich high company by buying their product, then destroying the institution they helped to make rich seems a tad thoughtless, and pointless.

Their own worst enemy to some degree was arguably themselves. As with health, we wish our health care system were more efficient, but we ourselves to a degree, cause preventable problems, thus causing a huge demand on the health care system. We are all human, and give into a sweet, salty, greasy temptations from time to time.. to time, to time. But we can remind ourselves, that no one is forcing us to eat that pizza, those fries, drink that coke, only we are encouraged to, and it's suggested we do.

Advertisers can be considered corporate Reveens - they have the power of suggestion, and so many are hypnotized into a trance-like state and willfully follow the suggested instructions. As has been mentioned in previous posts at this blog, we individually have the power and potential of self-control, and the potential and ability to analyze what messages, influential forces in society, are suggesting to us. It is ultimately up to us, to consider if these suggestions are for our long-term health or not.

Individually, we can be our own best friend, and not worst enemy.