Thursday, November 05, 2009

The United States wins the "World Series" for the 104th time - Amazing!

Wow, a U.S. team has once again been proclaimed World Champions. The best in the whole wide world! Incredible. Even Lance Armstrong, winner of seven straight Tour de France tournaments, which is authentically a "world" series of bike races, is still blown away. What's behind all that winningness that makes them win the World Series pretty well always? Well, ok, Canada has a team since 1977, and they did win it twice, beating all the other nations in the World Series.

One country with many teams, plus Canada's one team makes for the title of "World Series"? Yes, that's so real. Why not "Baseball Night in America" and calling this the "Playoffs". Other baseball playing countries must get a chuckle out of this title. At least the World Cup (of soccer) actually involves many all the worlds best countries, and the best wins. This may be a long shot, but I'm willing to bet the United States will take the World Series again next year, they're that good.


CaptnJack said...

The whole "World Series" tag placed on this Championship is more the reflection of the countries arould the globe that are represented on MLB teams.Especially nowadays,the whole thing is probally more fitting today as far reaches of the world are producing top caliber players.
Food for thought,Hadeki Matsui was recognized as the series MVP,pretty sure he didn't grow up in Queens!

charlie said...

The "World Series" is as fitting as the Newfoundland & Labrador Soccer championship being called the Canadian National Soccer Final. The World Series is is still two countries, barely. Back in 1903 when the "World's Championship Series" then, was first played, you certainly would not have seen a Hadeki Matsui or any African players on the team. Here, have a look at the World Champions back in 1903. As for these days, Matsui could very well have grown up in Queens or Toronto for that matter, just as North Americans are on European or Japanese teams. No international federation has ever sanctioned the series as a world championship event.

"International" would indeed describe the make up of many team rosters around the globe, just that it would seem a bit silly for each country's national championship to be called the "World Series".