Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Seal of Approval at Parliamentary Restaurant

It's about time. Seal will be to added to the menu along with other harvested animals on the menu at the parliamentary hill restaurant. What was good for the Governor General is good for the rest of the flock of MPs it appears. They'll be getting not just protein but also a supply of healthy omega-3 fats which will help those hearts, which have to fight the stresses of public service. I've had seal flipper once, and it was good, but the delicacy was not an accessible food from my original part of the province, so did not really get into it. Just wondering how it will be prepared to serve. Anyway, bon appétit members of parliament.


Inky said...

my ex brother in law used to get seal from where he waas born, but I could not get myself to eat it. He tricked the kids once and they ate it. my sister said it was really good.. I have a thing for cute animals.. Just cannot eat them.. What is good for the goose is good for the gander LOL

charlie said...

As a food I have yet to see a real attempt to package and properly advertise it, just as other meats are done. Usually major online news outlets just show the image that will turn people off. Would be interesting to see if it were packaged attractively, how the general public would take to it.