Thursday, November 26, 2009

Rock and Rolling

Perhaps years of challenging waves
transforms the younger rock into the polished, solid boulders,
that endures, passing from generation to generation,
the knowledge of long term vision under pressure,
standing strong amidst the ebb and flow of pounding currents.


Inky said...

OMGGGGGGGGG don't take this the wwrong way but I just wanna bathe in these rocks, or even eat them LOL

Breath taking.Check out the last two posts.

charlie said...

haha, well at least the rocks are smooth for bathing.. but would suggest puréeing them first, since they could cause gall stones :)
Inky, that was Very kind of you to post these photos and poems at your site! Thank you so much for that, and for your comments! Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shot, Charl. You're becoming quite a photog!

charlie said...

Hey Anon, thanks! Much appreciate the comment.