Friday, August 28, 2009

Munday Morning

Taken at Mundy Pond on the first day of the week.


Inky said...

such serenity here in this photo.
ty for your comment on my last poem. heartfelt.. TY

I will not be posting much for awhile as my father is back in hospital he had a mild heart attack again, now pneumonia is there again, and thats the main concern at the moment. I know he is 85 and thats a risk itself. He is at the st.clair hospital , I think my sister said its a good one and they really make sure the patients get their rest. The specialist will be in to see him today, and they will decide when they can do the dye test to check the amount of blockage
I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, and will catch up on your postings a little at a time.


Charlie Cheeseman said...

Inky, sorry to hear about your dad's illness. He should get great care at that hospital. My hopes, thoughts and prayers are sent his way, yours and the family. Wishing him strength and recovery.