Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Going Blue

Trying to keep up with someone who has 80 years berry picking experience is a tiring task.
We hit the jackpot today though, picked three buckets of the tasty organic, antioxidants (as the older generation liked to call them). After two hours, and thirty minutes of bending, trudging, and picking, the neck and back of this blogger's frame will need all the anti-aging nutrients in the woods. Oh well, will do blueberry stretches before the next trip.


Anonymous said...

I so miss those blueberries. I eat allot of them ,even in my salads, but the ones from home are so much better tasting.
Back breaking to pick but the rewards are worth it. I actually picked a few from your photo lol

Charlie Cheeseman said...

Yes it is worth it... and pick away from the photo berries, no calories there:)