Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Could you Stomach an Annual Federal Election?

Liberal leader Mike Ignatieff is throwing his election feelers out there to see if Canadians are willing to do what we did last year, vote again. Come on now Iggie, is this really necessary? Sure, you are at an age where every year is particularly precious pertaining to Prime Ministerial popularity, but really, is the sky actually falling for Canadians right now? This would make it the 3rd election in 4 years! Look, if your ideas are so much better Iggie, and you have a willingness to make Canada a better place, then can't you find a way to persuade Harper to use them without costing our country another $280 million for an election? If it's your idea that works, the historians will give you credit, one would hope.

Well, believe it or not folks, there could possibly be another fed election by Nov. 9 or 16th. In a time of recession where Canada is weathering the downturn okay, the curiosity of how Mr. Ignatieff would do as Prime Minister is not enough right now to justify setting Canadians back an amount approaching $300 million. You have the floor Mr. Opposition leader, and a unique level of influence. Become the best Opposition leader ever, and spare us an election.

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