Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Too Much Computer Use and Dreaming of the Queen

I am from the generation who at first was scared to turn on a computer for fear of breaking it. Like most, it's become a daily tool, and I have even learned to use it to earn a living. However, I am realizing that too much of my life revolves around the computer. Last night I received a subconscious hint that this was the case.

The wacky sequences of some dreams must be what it's like to experience heavy drug buzzes. One dream, not the wackiest, had me sitting next to God. He wore a white robe (or housecoat), grey-white beard I think - it was blurry, so hard to tell, didn't say much, but was probably wondering how I managed to get in. Last nights unpredictable imagery involved someone also powerful and mighty - Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. And boy was she majestic - 20 feet tall in this dream.

The scene was my old homestead of Rushoon, population 400, give or take 20. I was standing on the road outside my old home,  with other people, and when I turned around Her Majesty was standing tall and commanded notice. Being very into digital photography, this was a "must get" photo opportunity. Unfortunately, I did not have my camera, and that's when my daily computer rituals sparked an idea.

Her Royal Highness was dressed in a brand spanking new ivory gown, tiara, a stylish pearl necklace - they looked real too, she must have went all out for these, and the shoes were not too shabby either. She told us it was all for a new official portrait, as yet unreleased. Hmm, this could be a scoop if I could just capture this image of her first. So, as Her Highness gazed down at her subjects, I decided to Right-Click my thumb on her dress. The idea was to make the Windows command box appear, and then click the Save As option, to save the image of the Queen to my computer, which was nowhere in sight.

As I've done thousands of times before, I again right-clicked her dress using my right thumb as if right-clicking a mouse. But nothing was happening - no Windows fly-out box appeared anywhere in mid air or on the dress. In the meantime, QEII was a tad disgruntled, but controllably gracious towards me as I completely broke royal protocol. So, having not been successful at saving her image, I asked if an assistant could email me a .jpeg image of her, and with a  dismissive look and tone, she said a quick "I suppose so", and it was all over.

When the dream ended, it was a wake up call. I realized it was time to ease off the computer use, and stop thinking in software terms about things. So,  more making friends in real life, not on Facebook, more chatting in real life not in Messenger, and cherishing more the presence of people in my life.

I feel free again, like I've shaken off the computer shackles to live a simpler life away from a desk and the terminology. The dream has become my break from cyber imprisonment, like someone had given me an escape key, to control, alt and delete my habits, and shift to life outside the XP box. I am filled with gratitude for it, and intend to learn the words to "God Save As the Queen" very soon.
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Debbie Hilchey said...

Very impressive Charlie!!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! this is so wonderfully written one should have this in the local newspaper on every blog or site. I to am guilty of too much computer usage, I totally agree with you that many are spending far to much time on here. I try to use my time in the mornings while family is all getting ready for work, etc, then I start my day, and try to communicate one on one.
TY for this wake-up and sharing this funny dream .. Think QE11 would appreciate it LOL

Ty for the MUNDY morning photo. I hope this does not mean you are NOT coming on anymore?? that would be a shame.

Charlie Cheeseman said...

Thanks a lot Debbie!

Inky, I'll be on as usual:) but even though the dream itself made me laugh, I guess there are some nuggets of truth about over-using computers too. Thanks for your kinds words as usual!

Anonymous said...

phew I breathe a sigh of relief. WOW its spooky these signs one can get. I thought I had funny dreams.. LOL yours is a TOPPER..

Anonymous said...

Just popped over to say HI and hope you are enjoying your time away from the computer, hope to see you back soon.