Thursday, September 25, 2008

Too bad there was no "Anything But" campaign in 1932

Like it or not, the "Anything But" (or "Anybody But") phrase has a ring to it. Too bad it wasn't branded before some other world leaders' rise to power. For example, in 2000 there could have been the ABB campaign, Anybody But Bush; in 1922 Russia, the ABS campaign- Anybody But Stalin; ABC, Anybody But Castro for Cuba; or, ABA for Iran - Anybody But Ahmadinejad.

Germany and the world could have used a "Anybody But Hitler" campaign in 1932.
Hmm, I wonder what future leaders the world will regret seeing in positions of power.


fyodor said...

thanks for the lead into your life. dont be take it personal I just like to get into the lifes of those I hack apart.See you soon

Charles Cheeseman said...

What do you mean by that?