Monday, September 08, 2008

Surprise St. John's East Candidate Craig Westcott Makes Valid Points & Case for Himself

Just a short while ago a seismic announcement registered 8.5 on the political richter scale.

A journalist not afraid to voice his opinion, Craig Westcott, publisher of the Business Post, will run for the Conservative Party in the October federal election. It's a surprise but in another way, he's a fitting candidate. He has voiced his criticism of the Premier in the past. Now, Westcott has some valid reasoning behind his own choice to run.

On several sites this morning he says that Premier Danny Williams is steering the province toward a dangerous situation with his ABC campaign.

It's just — I think it's unconscionable on the premier's part to put Newfoundland in that very, very weak position. (CBC)

Westcott tells Meeker on Media that Williams could hurt the people of the province.

We have to think about what ABC really means for our province. It could mean spending four years with no voice in the Government of Canada. Do we really want an MP from another province serving as a part-time regional Minister for Newfoundland and Labrador? Isolating ourselves from the rest of Canada is not a goose egg, it's a rotten egg, and it will hurt the people of our great province.

His interview with Geoff Meeker is interesting because it gives the reader more insight about the person, who has the respect from others who know him, and by his own account is a man of principle, and has proven it.

Westcott's candidacy will probably make a sizable number feel a sense of being torn, or just scratching their heads at the ballot box. After all he is a weighty contestant in this race, appears to be a man of integrity, and he knows how to communicate, and likes to freely express himself.

This observer looks forward to hearing what he has to say and how the public reacts. Congratulations Mr. Westcott and good luck in your campaign.


Anonymous said...

What difference does having someone in cabinet make. EVer poliction we send to Ottawa has done what he was told to do and toed the party line. We would have as much say with no one in cabinet then we would with someone inside Remember "take it or leave it"

Charles Cheeseman said...

I do remember "take it or leave it", and you're right, most are very protective of their position and want to retain it no matter what, and as with provincial MHAs who will toe the party line now.

Thankfully not all individuals are exactly the same. I would expect someone from Newfoundland and Labrador to be more intimately familiar with the province and its issues. If you don't know much about the province at all, like many from away, then it's easier to ignore the issues and go with the party. However, at the outset Mr. Westcott holds a bit of promise as a no-nonsense type of individual. Having said that, I will want to hear what all candidates are saying before I decide who gets my 'X'.