Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Puff Danny Raps the ABC

"Give me a beat. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. That's it, just like that. Here we go."

Ya know my name is Dan, and I have a plan,
To cleanse the nation of that lyin' man.

He wuz gonna change the lay of the equalization,
And man a vow like dat caused a big sensation.

Then he pledged his word, and in that I trusted,
Even signed his name, but the letter got dusted.

The hopes were high in this provincial "nation",
But Steve dissed us with his, fabri-cation.

I'm a hopin' and a prayin', that you'll all agree,
That there's no other way but da ABC.

So listen up bro's, I'm no doubtin' Thomas,
I'm just rappin' for my homies, coz he broke his promise.

He fooled me once but it won't be two,
And if ya elect him again, then shame on you.

Vote ABC, is the message I give,
Trust Anyone else But a Conserva-tive.

"Yo. Yo.
Break it down for me fellas .."

(repeat same monotonous chord endlessly to fade)

Hat tip to Susan Evans for "Puff Danny" name!


NPC said...

Ha ha that's excellent Charlie.

We all know what up Harps sleeve
so we ain't votin

Conserva Conserva

Gary Kelly said...



Did you do this yourself????

You a Newfound rapper.

Charles Cheeseman said...

Much appreciated folks. Yes Gary I wrote the "lyrics" and did the graphic, but a friend suggested the name "Puff Danny" which got me a thinkin', and a rappin'.

BNB said...

Ah-ight listen-up ah-ight. Word-up Dawg - that rap is off the hizzy!

Excellent! hahaha - you have to record that and post it. I have a clock you can hang off a necklace, all you need is the over-sized shorts.

(I think Puff Danny goes by P.Danny these days) know-wa-I-sayin'

Good job dawg!

Charles Cheeseman said...

Yo bnb, ya must be from the hood, ya lingo is so good.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Charlie,
I needed that good laugh now how about gettin on NTV and doing a little rappin for our danny ya see this should be played all across this nation then put Steve on a Plan- tation ,than Canada and fellow newfoundlanders won't give Him the consideration lol.
Excellent job

I had to add a few lines two
Lynn Osmond