Wednesday, September 03, 2008

This is an ABC News Break

What is in it to win? I mean spending time, energy and resources on the ABC campaign, for what?

When Harper reneged on his promise it was maddening! He had given people in Newfoundland & Labrador a hope of being loosened from the shackles of debt, much sooner, and at the same time, some major compensation for the thorn of the Upper Churchill Falls deal, which according to Joey's encyclopedia, way back in 1969, PM Pearson of Canada could have stepped in to assist NL get a fairer deal.

Smallwood said that his request to Lester Pearson to use federal authority to allow a transmission line across Quebec, was rejected before he could formally present the request out of fear it would jeopardize national unity

Fine, if Premier Williams wants to remind NL voters about Harper's broken promise two years ago, sure take a very brief amount of time to do that, many will remember it anyway. But the Premier who is very energetic, successful at business, bright and talented, should concentrate all his efforts on this province's needs, rather than going to Ontario to convince Canadians who have a vague memory of NL's beef with Harper. Even if they are reminded, they won't care, and if they did care, how does taking away Harper's seat total benefit Newfoundland and Labrador right now?

At this point the Harper lie is history, and he isn't going to own up now, nor will Dion, Layton or the friend of extremist Paul Watson, Liz May of the Green Party.

I bet we all know people who will simply vote for the candidate who they feel has the best qualities to represent them, regardless of party. If they like the person, feel a certain level of trust for that candidate, then that's often where their 'X' will go. There are some true blues or reds or Dippers, and some will take Danny's lead. But what does that accomplish right now. Revenge? If there was some realistic possibility that Harper would follow through on his "unrealistic" though promised equalization bonanza, then Premier Williams would have more of a case to pursue his ABC campaign. The reality is, it's just not the case.

So what if NL votes ABC out of spite two years since Harper's fib? It won't change anything, except to make our province look negative. Who is the ABC campaign for anyway? Is it for the people of Newfoundland & Labrador? And, what will the desired outcome do for people here?

It will surely cool the already cold relations with the Feds back to the ice age. As for Harper, history has already recorded his broken promise and what it said about him in 2006. It was not a proud moment. This ABC campaign right now is a waste of time, energy, human and financial resources. It's time to move away from that episode, as it does not appear to be an profitable investment for the province, rather, just a misdirecting of energies.

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