Thursday, April 24, 2008

Walking to Better Health and Greater Wealth

Walking, the leisurely all-in-one problem solving activity. All you need is yourself - well, with some footwear and enough clothes to not get arrested, or catch pneumonia, or cause accidents.

There are so many positives about walking. You build endurance, a stronger heart, help lower any high cholesterol or triglycerides levels, save money on gas, and wear and tear on the vehicle, and avoid the risk of some Indy 500 driver causing an accident. One more, you get to walk past gas stations that would be emptying your pockets. As a matter of fact, as time passes you save more all the time. In the overall scheme of things, you are lowering the demand for fuel. Each individual has that power. Finally, healthier individuals mean less stress on the health care system. If you disagree, here's some advice: relax, take it easy, relieve stress, take a walk.

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