Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bisphenol A Containers Will Not Necessarily be Taken Off Shelves

Just because there is a great deal of hoopla in the news about Bisphenol A to be listed as a "dangerous" substance, does not mean you should take it for granted that from now on, plastic bottles, containers and some cans will be free of the chemical.

This is why.

Even if BPA is labeled "toxic", it won't force governments to ban or restrict its use in consumer products. Apparently, if it is listed as toxic it falls under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA), and governments still have the option to restrict BPA's use or not.
Even if it's listed as "toxic" under the CEPA law, bisphenol-A will could remain legal to use in baby bottles, liners of food and drink cans, and water bottles.(source: National Post)

According to Kathleen Cooper of CEPA,
And it's been a chronic problem. Lead has been 'CEPA-toxic' since 1988, but that hasn't stopped the flow of lead into thousands of consumer products ever since.

So while it not illegal to put BPA products on the shelves, you'll have to keep checking for the unlucky # 7 on the bottom of bottles. Again, it's used in the plastic liner of cans, including pop cans. At this time I am not sure how it is indicated, what particular cans have BPA in them. If anyone has information on this please post a comment, or email.

There is more information on Bisphenol A, baby bottles, and plastic containers, in previous posts on Bisphenol A.

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