Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Canada has Weapons of Mass Destruction - Montreal Hockey Fans

Note to self: Do not visit Montreal during hockey playoff season.

Rioters burned 16 police cars, vandalized 10 businesses, threw rocks and bottles, and were violent. Certain terrorist groups would love to hire you. What a way to celebrate a series win over the Boston Bruins. Perhaps the hockey "fans" are trying to raise the bar for soccer hoodlums in Europe.

It's not like Montreal has never won a Cup, they are the most winningest team to do so. They won in the last decade, '93. As well, they are not Toronto's hockey team, the make believes, that, you could almost understand happening after a playoff win for that city. The last time they won the Stanley Cup was around the time the Titanic sunk, or motion pictures were invented, something like that. But Montreal, pourquoi? The city better get the fire trucks and riot squads ready if they win the Cup.

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