Friday, April 18, 2008

Bisphenol A Named Dangerous Substance today

Health Canada and Environment Canada have scheduled a news conference for 12:30 p.m. Friday to make an "important announcement." (source)

There has been a notable increase in web searches for information on BPA this week. For anyone who is just learning about the chemical, here are reasons why it is very dangerous:

Studies in peer-reviewed journals have indicated that even at low doses, the chemical can increase breast and ovarian cancer cell growth and the growth of some prostate cancer cells in animals.

It is going to have a huge impact on how container manufacturers make bottles and cans. Keep in mind, not all types of bottles, plastic containers or cans have Bisphenol A in them. It is often indicated by a # 7 in the recycling symbol at the bottom of bottles. It is used in plastic linings of cans like the one above.

It is funny to hear the industry defence of products with BPA in them.
But the plastics industry has vigorously defended the chemical, noting that it's been widely used for 50 years.

Right, so that makes it safe! Whew, what a relief!

Sorry, bottling and can industry, but your bottom line doesn't compare to the bottom line of people, health and life. You will have to make containers without BPA - others do.

People are definitely more interested in this chemical, a real water cooler topic. Speaking of water coolers, have a look at the bottom of that big plastic bottle, and see if it indicates BPA in the plastic. If you're concerned, contact the company who makes them.

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