Monday, February 25, 2008

Celebrities Vying for Vice Presidency Nod

Entertainment celebrities have sacrificed their careers before for the good of public service. Sonny Bono, formerly of Sonny and Cher, was mayor of Palm Springs, and elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1994. Actor turned politician, Ronald Reagan spent many years in political office before winning the Presidency in 1980, at the age of 70. Now other entertainment celebrities are hoping to add VP to their resumes.

Several rap performers want to be Obama's running mate if he wins the Democratic nomination.

Snoop Dogg, (formerly Snoop Doggy Dog, his wife kept the name) is hoping to get the nod. Snoop says he does not want to see another Vice President Gore, or VP Bore as he likes to say.

I hope to help the Obamas win the U.S. election for the Dems, by helping to get more homeys out to vote, ya know what I'm sayin'! I want to be Vice President Dogg, and with the help of Mrs. Doggy Dog, I know I can do it.

Others are seeing opportunities to change careers as well. You could also be reading captions or headlines like this in the future:

Seen in this photo are Vice President LL Cool J and Mrs. Cool J.

To the left are Vice President Dr. Dre and Mrs. Dre.

Public grateful for career change of Vice President Celine Dion.

Vice President Jerry Springer hopes to reach a peace agreement between fighting sides in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

President Clinton and Vice President 50 Cent greet the Queen and Prince Phillip.

President Obama and Vice President Paris Hilton to meet with Arab-Israeli delegates at Camp David.

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