Friday, May 25, 2007

Spring has spr been put on hold

Local drug stores on the Avalon are reporting that they cannot keep sun screen on the shelves. Shoppers Drug Mart in the West End sold all three bottles so far this spring.

A new shipment of winter coats has arrived just in time for the rest of spring.

Tomorrow the forecast is 25°. But that's Fahrenheit.

One St. John's resident said that it so cold that you could freeze an egg on the sidewalk. Another was heard to say that "except for the relentless fog, combined with freezing air, wind, and drizzle, the weather is St. John's is probably the best in Canada."

St. John's: the Coldest city in North America.

Birdwatachers noticed that 1000's of Canada geese that had returned from the south, are now flying back south again.

Freak weather conditions last week brought temperatures of 20° C.

Tourists, come to St. John's, where there is no global warming.

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