Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Another Inconvenient Truth from David Radler

Poor Conrad Black, whether he is found guilty or not, there has been so much time and energy put into revisiting past business dealings, and not enjoying life the way he was accustomed to. Then again, he could be living normally once more after this trial. How strange it must now seem to both Black and Radler, who were business partners for close to 40 years, and who had been super successful, to now hardly feel like looking at one another. How life can change, how past greed can haunt one's future, and how it has humiliated at least one high-flying corporate elite. Radler, the Scrooge-like and ethically bankrupt miser, said Monday he intends to "tell the truth." He has already admitted guilt, and repeated it yesterday in court, admitting to being a corporate thief.

Big answers remain to be heard. How truthful will Radler be, and how good will Black's defense be? It's certainly building to be a battle of titans all around. As the verbose Conrad Black himself might have put it, a guilty verdict would be a cacophonous, auricular, opprobrious, and pestiferous further fall from grace. Will the rich and word wealthy, accomplished Black be forever branded a thief? Or will the "truth" set him free? Is Black hoping that Radler will be seen as a liar? And, is wife Barbara Amiel becoming religious, by also invoking the Lord's prayer? Stay tuned since the script for this movie sequel is being written each day.

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