Monday, May 07, 2007

Harper's Government Bamboozling Canadians: David Suzuki

Our federal government's blatantly obvious strategy is to bamboozle Canadians into thinking it's on the ball when it comes to the environment by presenting plans that have one flashy element, which everyone remembers, and then essentially supporting the status quo in everything else.

These strong words from environmental expert Dr. David Suzuki appeared on his web site, and in Sunday's Telegram. Here's why the Harper "Green Plan" is deceptive. Suzuki explains, that by
focusing on emissions “intensity” rather than actual emissions reductions, we end up with a plan that is guaranteed to keep Canada at the back of the pack in the industrialized world. Let's take an example. Alberta's tar sands are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing intensity means a reduction in the amount of emissions per barrel of oil, and that's good. But if the total amount of oil extracted doubles or more, then any modest gains in efficiency are completely wiped out.

Gore called the Conservatives' environmental plan is a "complete and total fraud" that is "designed to mislead the Canadian people." He said he was surprised to see that
the Tory plan employs the concept of "intensity reduction," which he said is poll-tested phrase developed in Houston by the so-called think tanks financed by Exxon Mobil and some other large polluters.

By the way, a favorite writer of most Newfoundlanders, Margaret Wente, also seems to lean towards the conservative ideology. In a January, 2007 article, she talked about adaptation, scientists who take a broad middle ground, and the benefits of a warmer Canada. She must have been content to see the following headline.

Arctic sea ice melting faster than most scientists project: study

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