Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger not out of the woods yet

Golf hero Tiger Woods gave his act of contrition today in front of millions worldwide. After playing around the fields on his wife Elin, he decided that a long apology par for ... He will have lots of future temptations to overcome, and she will or would have a deep hurt, and mistrust to overcome, and may take a long time to really forgive. However, many already have forgiven him, and some of them include former sponsors. Nike said "... We look forward to him returning to golf."

Where there's money to be made, you can expect to see lots of forgiveness. Just after the news of his affairs, attendance at major golf events dropped off. One charity in California that had been given donations by a local golf event, had it's donations put on hold. It will be interesting to see just from a human self-control angle if the Tiger can abstain from extra-marital intercourse, as he re-enters a marital course.

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