Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Other Rejected New Olympic Sports

Last year the International Olympic Committee stood by it's decision to exclude a new sport, women's ski jumping from the 2010 Olympics. Hopefully, by 2014, it will meet their criteria and be "developed" enough for those games. Other winter events that have also been rejected for the 2010 games include:

Windshield scraping
Snow shovelling
Downhill skating
Cross country figure skating
Ice fishing
200 metre skiing steeplechase
2 metre Snowman building
Stuck car pushing - team event
The 5 km uncleared sidewalk walk

Did I leave out any?


Anonymous said...

What about snowball fights? Or writing your name in the snow with your pee? Or just shivering?

Charlie Cheeseman said...

Yes, snowball fights have to be there. But would the writing your name in the snow be a men's, And women's event?

Anonymous said...

Well, they wouldn't let women ski jumpers in this year, so the writing-your-name-in-the-snow could be a beta sport with Windows ... opaque glass of course so as not to offend anyone's sense of decency or normalcy! >grin<

Charlie Cheeseman said...

I think that would only be fitting ANB!

Steve said...

In my day, me and da b'ys from Shea Heights would have made a good run for gold at the Stuck Car Pushing team event.

Charlie Cheeseman said...

Hey Steve, maybe you and the guys can form a team for the next Olympics. There's bound to be plenty of training opportunities in the next four winters ;)