Sunday, February 28, 2010

Canada Impressive at 2010 Olympics

Whether it was the "Own the Podium" program or not, Canada will have 26 podium positions to be proud of - more gold than big brother to the south, 13 at this point, that's not too shabby. Le Big game is on today between the U.S. and US at 4:45, and both teams are strong and evenly matched, and have been impressive in other wins since their meeting last Tuesday. Saturday, Canada really cleaned up on the gold, getting three in one day, including Kevin Martin's well deserved gold in curling. The total medals now is 25, and will be at least another silver or gold later today. That will make it the most medals ever, beating out the Turin Olympics in 2006 by 2. It's only been since the 1994 Olympics that we've been in the double digits medal-wise.

Today's game may also set another record for biggest Canadian audience for a televised event. Last Tuesday, 10 million fired up their tubes to watch, and with the gold medal on the line, there will likely be more cheering from across this cold land.

Update: Canada won it in overtime, in a nail biter of a game. The U.S. pulls the goalie in the last minute of regulation play, which hardly ever results in a goal, and they tied the game with only 27 seconds left. 7:40 into overtime, Jarome Iginla, receives a pass from Crosby, then lands it back to Crosby approaching the net, and the Cole Hr. native snaps it in, to end the tournament. The Americans really poured on the pressure and the game could have gone either way. A hard fought battle which made for an exciting final Olympic event.


Anonymous said...

I have lost my voice over this game.. we all did GREAT , everyone,, this game was a nail bite for sure lol

Charlie Cheeseman said...

Yes, it could have went either way, the U.S. were high calibre.

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