Saturday, March 07, 2009

Message to Earth Siblings

Hello fellow Milky Way brothers and sisters. Late Friday, NASA (an earth space agency) launched a rocket, containing a powerful telescope that is programmed to watch 100,000 other stars in our galaxy, The Milky Way (hello to bloggers in other galaxies. Link to me).

Depending on your level of technological advancement, this message may seem old-fashioned or maybe weird, as in, a science fiction future scenario.

As you may or may not know, our universe, is, according to our planet's (Earth) scientists, 14-15 billion years old. Earth is about 4.5 billions years old, but you guys may have formed earlier or later than us. Considering that the millions of solar systems in our Milky Way Galaxy alone, probably contains 10's of millions of planets orbiting stars (what we call suns), you and your planet may have evolved millions, or thousands of years in advance of us.

So, as you would presume, we are wondering how things are going on your planet. Are relations going well on your planet? How do you handle individual differences? We are a relatively young "civilized" planet - still doing a lot of fighting on our speck in the universe because of differences and misunderstandings (well, what we call national, religious, political and geographical differences).

A major force on our planet is capitalism or consumerism. It involves accumulating a lot of material possessions, repeatedly, and competing with others, to basically "prove" that we are more "meaningful" individuals, than others. Sounds silly I know, but where are your inhabitants on inter-individual interactions? Are we on the right track, or maybe, just adolescent in our thinking?

How do you get along? Is your planet divided on how you philosophize about your world? Or, did you evolve past the competitive stage to perhaps a stage whereby you value the worth of each individual born into your world?

Anyway, please drop me a comment. No anonymous alien bloggers please.:) Please state how many light years away you are so that I can accurately date stamp this comment.

Patiently awaiting your reply,

Earthling 90,000,000,009.

P.S. If you have a technology that can transmit electronic messages faster than the speed of light, please describe so that we can communicate faster.

P.S.S. Apologies to older, more advanced civilizations than Earth's. for the old technology and wording; and to younger planets for the confused advanced wording of this message.

P.S.S.S. How many eyes and ears do you have?

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