Wednesday, March 18, 2009

AIG (All Insatiable Greed)

Why are people so down on AIG giving $165 million bonuses to 73 (11 no longer work there) of their top peo (cough/shysters) ple? I mean they have jets to fly, show-off vehicles to run and multiple homes, too. For frigsakes they represent success in our world, rich, helping to build up the 18th largest corporation in thee world, and they must have had that "positive attitude" to achieve such success. Yes, the American Gov/people are bailing out AIG with around $170 billion, and they cannot get enough. What a model for the next generation of positive thinking, economy-driving successes out there! "Sure you're a millionaire, but just keep on wanting more no matter how irresponsible and reckless we've been, or how everyone else is suffering during the tight times of a recession." What an attitude! Where's the conscience!!

When millions of Americans have lost their jobs, and homes, bank accounts, everything, these guys want to go ahead with huge bonuses. Is that success? Is that a positive thing? This is for sure, AIG's rewarding themselves will not get any respect from anyone. If the U.S. gov. can reverse this by setting conditions on pending stimulus money, or by 100% taxing them, or whatever means, do it.

At this point, there is a question as to how much the government knew of AIG's plans for the bonuses before they gave the giant so many billions. If they knew their intention, shouldn't they have set conditions for the stimulus money before they handed it over? $55 million was sent out to employees in December, and the rest by Friday. Otherwise, it was good to see a U.S. President yesterday lambaste AIG for planning to more forward on the $165 bonuses. It was apparently the first time a president scolded a major financial player in such a way.

It is greed from the likes of AIG, Bernie Madoff and so many other not yet mentioned working criminals that turn people off from investing, and doing business with any subsidiary company owned by AIG.

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