Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why we had so many weeks of fog this spring is a mist-story to me

Hopefully at some point during this summer, the spring will seem like just a haze to us. Hmm, well actually it was that, plus really cold and really wet. As reported on Here & Now, Senior climatologist, David Phillips from Environment Canada tallies the grey days of spring. From March 1 - June 1 (a time period that is mostly spring), St. John's received 590.8 mm of precipitation, far exceeding the average of 353.5 mm for this period.

From March 1 - June 20, St. John's received 679.5 mm of precip, compared to an average of 418 mm. Other areas of the province, except lucky Western, had above average rainfalls too this spring.

That's not all! In the last 70 days, there were 7 days of sun. So perhaps a vitamin D supplement might come in handy. It makes one wonder, "do we have low incidences of skin cancer because of our weather?" Oh well, the worst is over .. I think, and season three of 2010 is now enveloping us with double digits, most days. Here's hoping that the weather trend continues, no, not that one, but the trend of extended weather patterns, like a long warm/hot summer into Sept. While it's here, this blogger will be seizin' the season, and hope you do too.

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