Sunday, June 27, 2010

Of all the demonstrations at the G20 Summit in Toronto, I liked the George Foreman Grill demo best

Dear protesters, especially violent ones, don't you think it's time to change your communication tactics? You know, the strategy you use to get your message out, like burning police cars, smashing windows, throwing bricks, sticks, and other objects. I can assume to know what your points are, but I would not really find out very easily by watching the news. Let me tell you, that what is getting covered is the fact that you are being violent, arrested, locked up, and angry. But angry at what exactly?!

A violent riot is not really a positive sales pitch for your probably, good reasons to be angry with various situations in the world, which are allegedly supported and promoted by G20 nations. Perhaps the rowdy upstarts among you can be encouraged to put their car burning, and stone throwing energies into better communication strategies which will get more specific messages out about what you are exactly protesting. Don't get me wrong, protesting any other wrong is right, but energies and opportunities are being wasted by the fact that the focus is on your violent methods of protesting, and very little on why.


ViewPoint2010 said...

Love your headline Charlie. Puts it all in the proper perspective.

Charlie said...

Thanks VP! It seems to be same old tactics for such a huge event, and same type of coverage. Too bad too.