Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Unusual Christmas Gift Ideas

DVD - Songs of Martyrdom - Tony Bennett and Friends

The Weather Network DVD set - forecasts for 2000-2009

Why not open a CIBC No-Interest Savings account (*you earn next to No interest on your savings)

Walmart's combo Defibrillator/Nitroglyceron kit, for those "Shop Till You Drop" Days

Greenpeace's Climate Change Disposable Plate Set
Toys and Games

Bagpipe Hero

Martyrdom and Dumber from Fisher Price

Where's the Infidel?

Botox Barbie

Burka Barbie

The Taliban Nut Pack

The Taliban U.S. President Effigy Set

Tickle me Mahmoud Ahmadinejad


Playin' a Round - Tiger Woods

Made Off - Bernie Madoff


Jon said...

sign me up for the tiger woods book and the weather network dvd...


Anonymous said...

give me a great jigsaw puzzle and I am happy receiver on xmas morn LOL
Where are the good times gone

charlie said...

Ok Jon, Tiger's book is on the way, and I heard that the weather network dvd is a sizzler, especially season two in the series.

I know what you mean Inky. Xmas preparation is high on the consumer mania scale, with little of peace and joy.

BNB said...

Man I love my Bagpipe Hero. I can't wait for Squeezebox Hero to come out for the Wii.

You are one cracked nut my friend :)

charlie said...

haha thanks for the comment BnB. Have fun with the Squeezebox Hero, but they don't make 'em like they used to in the olden days ;)

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