Wednesday, December 02, 2009

cool views on winter

before we entered the net
and could watch digital tv,
winter's snow and ice
were great things, and free

it's still true today
with kids out at play,
there are no winter complaints
except shortness of day

now it causes heaps of wrangle
tied tightly to the age of our angle,
clothes aplenty, keeping dry
can simply limit winter's tangle

like kids seeking a winter thrill
ways exist to cool the chill,
a brisk beauty to be seen,
as more than just sliding down hill


NPC said...

Hours spent sliding down hills
Totally immune to the winter chills.

charlie said...

That is good, I like it aLot npc!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful surprise this morning to read this beautiful poem . I think some kids do miss out on the thrills of winter because of the net, games etc.

My kids always got the top games, toys etc, but I always made sure they did get the thrills of all winter thrills.

I remember many from childhood , it was exciting we were like polar bears , ha ha

GREAT writing Charles and I hope we see more..
TY :} Ty for all your wonderful comments..

charlie said...

Thanks Inky. Yes winter as a kid was pure enjoyment, hours outside, and you were too active to mind the cold.

Anonymous said...

Have a great weekend Charlie.. be safe, laugh lots.. see you Monday