Friday, November 28, 2008

Possible New Party Names if Liberals and NDP Merge

Today it's widely reported that Jean Chrétien and Ed Broadbent are in talks about the possibility of forming a coalition government, uniting Liberal and New Democrats. This would unite the left and center to form enough members to possibly defeat the Conservatives. Here are some names to consider using if the federal Liberals and the New Democratic Party do form a coalition party.

The Demerols

The Oppositiacrats/Oppositiacats

Dem Liberals

The New Demos

New & Improved New Democratic Party

The Equal Libriums

CBC (Chrétien Broadbent Coalition)

PCB (Parti de Chrétien & Broadbent)

NLDP (New Liberal Democratic Party)

The Librocrats

The New New Democratic Party and Liberals

The Chrétien Broad Band Connection

What the Reform and PCs Did II Party

Can't Beat Them Join Dem

Suggestions welcome

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