Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pope John Paul, George & Ringo

The Vatican praises the Beatles. About time boys. Sure they weren't saints but through their words and music, did preach love and peace, that's for sure, especially John. Though he spoke out against organized religion, he did in later years, actually in his last interview on the day he was shot for example, acknowledge that Jesus, tried to bring about peace. He also said that people are free to follow religion and Jesus, and that's the way society should be - free, free to express yourself as you wish.

Jesus and John (Lennon) in some important ways had commonalities. We know much more about Lennon as practically everything he did or said was recorded, than we do about Jesus. Having said that, what we do know about Jesus is that he wanted people to live peacefully, and be caring and unselfish. John could not knock that.

Lennon was often a man of contradictions, for example, he hated the Beatles and/or Paul McCartney after the split, but at other times, showed admiration for his former bandmate, and his creativity. More to come on John Lennon in the next week.

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